Two in itself unimpressive marble stones mark the corners of the area. Hardly noticed when you don’t know where to look. Two in memoriam’s for what was in world war II the Jewish getto of Kaunas. Now it is an ordinary neighbourhood of Kaunas where rich and poor live side by side. Buildings in decay next to freshly build little castles indicating the wealth of its inhabitants. It symbolises what makes us humans unique, in all of its darkness and all of its brightness.

It is also a stark reminder that really bad things can happen if words are framed ‘against’ other humans. The same words that should be part of ¬†‘togetherness’; to seek to understand our¬†differences. Words when spoken with empathy, simply bring back a smile as first step in crossing the divide. Even today, to all those hurried people, minding their own business and seeking a less cold (in all aspects) place to live, it simply works.


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