Not for granted

In our lives, we humans sometimes just run on and on in our search for more and bigger.
In this way we miss out on a lot of things and often forget that we can’t take everything that happens in our lives just for granted.

During WW-II it was the Jews who couldn’t take anything for granted and could only show deep gratitude for Mr. Philips Radio and Mr. Siguhara writing them the visa’s to safer shores. Perhaps an extreme example?! Nowadays things are not so very much different with refugees from i.e Syria who desperately hope that there will someone able and willing to grant them a future. For themselves and their family.

Not taking things for granted also means more awareness.
You are much more aware of what’s happening around you and who is there for you. Even today, when we had a meeting with the printer Kopa here in Kaunas, you can notice the friendliness and enthousiasme that they gave us in helping to realise the most beautiful books.

Just likt this Artist in Residence from Kaunas Gallery was for us a gift.
Something we never expected but are intensely grateful for. For the people we met, the students we worked with, the things we learned and the millions of impressions the city and its people gave us. It strengthens our belief that empathy is something we can’t take for granted. That we need to use it at every occasion and in every encounter we have. To let people experience that when you don’t take things for granted, when you are aware of your own perceptions, we can you feel empathy for the other, the world becomes just that little bit more beautiful and worthwhile!

Ačiū Kauno ir jo gyventojai


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