Tranquility as social glue

It has been a while since we have posted ¬†about our Japanese adventures. The only excuse we can come up with is the weather…. it is so hot and humid in Onishi, that the normal tempo of life has gone done. A tempo of life which is already much lower than we are accustomed to in the West. Life here in rural Japan just takes its time. Whether it is because of the more agricultural roots, we don’t know but what we see is that the tempo of living simply drops to an all time low. Which is actually super!

Now you have finally the time to talk to your neighbour, while your are waiting for Mina to make your cafe latte. At Starbucks the average time for this is perhaps 1 minute, Mina makes it a work of art and takes 15 minutes, while at the same time keeping conversation going between the locals and us.

And we love it. The tranquility that comes with the attention for detail makes everything more intense and more valuable. All the food is a feast for the eye (and mouth) while having dinner is one big social experience. Interdependence and a we-focus is omnipresent in the Japanese culture and that is something of a relief for everybody who grew accustomed to the I-focus in our Western civilisation.

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