Different yet the same

Yesterday we had a discussion with our Japanese friends about the differences between Asia and Europe. We said that we expected a big cultural clash as all Europeans who have visited Japan said we would experience. And yes, the world is different yet so alike.

Different in the fact that you are simply not able to read or understand the Japanese language. The signs make it impossible to understand what is being written. In a way that is nice. You are the easy outside who’s mind is not bothered with futile information or information you try to make any sense of.

The same as we are all human. We all have our dreams, our wishes, our problems or anxieties. There is simply no difference between a Japanese person or a European or for that matter any Western person. If you only go beyond the first impressions, the outer surface and give each other the trust that opening up is OK.

Something which is not part of the Japanese culture. There you do not talk with friends on your problems or dreams. Anything to keep up the good ‘face’.

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