Back where it started…

Back in Kaunas. After a journey of three years we are again back in this beautiful city and ready for the launch of our book ‘The Kindness of One’ tomorrow evening in the Kaunas Photogallery. And it is with considerable pride that we are part of the program of the ‘Citytelling Festival’ of the Kaunas 2022 Cultural Capital, being invited by its curator, Daiva Citvariene, to present the story of our inspiration.

Especially for this event on the 21st of October, we prepared a screening of our book with the help of Robi Reisinger of the Gallery Club. With his expertise, we developed a special soundtrack to guide viewers along the journey of our book through the images selected. An eclectic 8 min deep dive into the emotional journey of (fortunately) so many Jews who where given the opportunity to escape the horror of Nazi Germany.

And as we write this, humanity is still struggling with millions of refugees due to wars and sometimes it seems that we simply fail to learn the important lessons of our history. Or in positive words, as written in the preface of our book by Katherine Oktober Matthews; every day and every moment, we can choose for angry or for kindness…

So a big thank you to all who travelled with us on this remarkable journey:
design: akiko wakabayashi
lithography: marc gijzen
production: drukkerij tielen, boxtel
publisher: kaunas photography gallery in cooperation with wewest

Margaret and Rene would like to thank the team of the Kaunas Photography Gallery for their energy and perseverance in making this book happen, especially Gintaras Cesonis for his belief in  the importance of our story. Furthermore the people of Shiro Oni Studio in Onishi Japan for our wonderful residence, especially Yoji Matsumura for his teaching  of the Japanese language and  the principles of Wabi Sabi.

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