About Us

The photographer Margaret Lansink and strategist/copywriter Rene van Hulst became partners only 8 years ago. Having lived their respective lives, they too had to break down their own fences and reach down their inner emotions to be able to live together. This proces has resulted in spring 2016 in a series of Margaret called “Fear no more”. Currently she is in Arles at the Festival Voies Off with her latest series “Borders of Nothingness” which was received with great critical acclaim and even  more publications. find out more at her site. Rene is just finishing his first book of “nadien -afterwards-”; short poetry based on actuality or inspiring events.

Together they applied their talents to the universal story of Mr. Philips Radio. Simply because they see on a daily basis the need to bring back empathy in our lives. Too much and too often it is all about confrontation, segregation, you versus me or on negative forces whereby we simply forget -or are not brave enough- to build common ground by giving empathy. That pure and unique human force, can be delivered to connect to each other in a positive way, which in the case of Mr. Philips Radio even saved lives of thousands of humans in despair.

In this creative process, we work alongside the people of the Kaunas Photogallery, needed to tap into the creative community of Kaunas/Litouwen as well as the community of Onishi, Japan but also occasionally would like to draw upon the talents of Klavdij Sluban and Nestan Nijaradze, who have been instrumental in developing the story of ‘Fear no More’. Nestan is head of the Tbilisi Photofestival, curator of numerous international exhibitions as well as art director of the new Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum whereas Klavdij is a well known and extremely gifted photographic storyteller,.