What makes the identity of a city?! Is it the people, the way they use the city, how they connect and interact?! And what is the influence of the harsh environment. Here in the Baltic, in Kaunas, it is all new to us and on our first day, we struggle to find some answers. Or at least the beginning of it…. What is still to be found of the Russian influence, what is authentic Lituanian or even what is the influence of Europe on daily life.identity

Welcome to our project of The Art of Empathy. On this site you can be a witness of our journey. A journey inspired by a story of human empathy in difficult times; the story of Mr. Philips Radio. We believe it to be a universal story. That’s what we want to capture and present. Tomorrow is the start of this project, when the ending will be is unknown to us. Just keep track of us and you will have a window on everything we will experience on this journey. Stay tuned!