Our concept

The story of Mr. Philips Radio is a story of universal values. The inner power of the human being able to find braveness, empathy and purpose in times of extremely dangerous opposing forces is a story of all times. Unfortunately, even after centuries of human development, it is again as actual today as at all these other times deeply engraved in our human history.

These universal values demand that one tears down his/hers own fences of fear, to be able to capture the empathy which is inside each and every human being. That proces of reaching inside oneself we want to illustrate. We will not go down the obvious route of documenting this story, nor will we go along a journalistic approach; it is our creative intention -and challenge- to go down the path of removing these fences personally and from this route choose the key moments in terms of imagery and poetry.

These conceptual images help individuals to see these universal values. Supported with well chosen words in poetry; ‘afterthoughts’. Together the image and the poetry will guide, inspire and support the individual in his own journey inside, along the lines of Mr. Philips Radio. In whatever form, shape or activity.

In short, a true visual storytelling concept of breaking down one’s own fences for the good of the other. Whoever the other may be, whatever his religious beliefs might be, a fellow human being deserves in difficult times empathy. It is the best we have, its the most precious we can give. Unfortunately nowadays, our first instinctive reaction is to hide. To look the other way. To think that somebody or something else will do what is needed. Well, in WW II Mr. Philips Radio didn’t turn a blind eye, now it is the time that we do the same.