Our implementation

Based on our research, we will wander through Kaunas and surroundings. Reliving the emotional process Mr. Philips Radio perhaps went through. Trying to go down our own route of breaking down these fences, inspired by the story of Mr. Philips Radio, the town, the people of Kaunas and everything else we find along our path. Just like him, we want to imagine what it was that made him turn towards his fellow human beings, made him turn towards his inner emotions and bring back the empathy needed for all those people in distress. Our wanderings will result in conceptual images and associated written poetry; ‘afterthoughts’.

We will bring these two elements together in a schoolproject with the kids of a high school in Kaunas. In 4 sessions we will work with these kids of 13-17 years old, to develop the art of empathy and ask their views on it, their comments, their images and their words to enhance our own. Nothing or nobody is more direct in their comments than kids of this age and they are the next generation capable of expressing empathy in our world.

After Kaunas we will do the same in Japan. Visit the town of Kyoto, find the Jewish congregation and find the cultural differences that made the Jews refugees feel welcome. Again we will need to create the imagery and poetry befitting the story we want to relive.

Confronting individuals viewing the images and poetry we made, will confront them with their own beliefs, fears and convictions. We want to capture their words and experiences, giving our visual story with each visit new layers of meaning and relevance. Each and every individual will questioning their own actions. As such bringing a counterforce of human empathy to reconnect humans.

At the end of this, we will bring everything together and develop a photographic book and exhibition to bring the story of Mr. Philips Radio back in nowadays societies where the divides between humans are bigger than ever before.