Our inspiration today, we found it on the 4th floor of a small apartment building, just around the corner.  We had the incredible privilege to visit the studio of Romualdas Požerskis, one of Luthania’s most outstanding photographers of the past 40 years.

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Raised on being different Driven to be better than the other Focus on mistakes Cultures of negativism Raised on the power of diversity Driven to embrace insecurity Focus on good things Cultures of greatness

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Not for granted


In our lives, we humans sometimes just run on and on in our search for more and bigger. In this way we miss out on a lot of things and often forget that we can’t take everything that happens in our lives just for granted.

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This weekend is our first free weekend, free for some reflections on the past two weeks. We decided to go to Nida on the West coast and simply took the bus to get there.

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The people in Lithuania are now 25 years independent. After having suffered Russian occupation and before that German, Polish etc., they are now creating their own future.

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