Big city

Yesterday was high time for a Vilnius day, a day in the big city of Lithuania.
Completely different in atmosphere and with a more cosmopolitan feel than Kaunas. Along the borders of the river, big impressive steel constructions of modernistic architecture stand side by side with the old mansions from previous days. And when we stood on one of the borders of the river, we could not help notice that it had a bit of a Parisian feel to it.

Looking out on the Neris river, we stand with our backs to the Nacionalinė Dailės Galerija, or in plain English; The National Art Gallery. And we were stunned. By the building, its facilities, its art and the subtle way the building nudges every visitor to the next exhibition. From a temporary exhibition on the painter Algis Skačkauskas in the (enormous) basement, up the stairs to the permanent collection on the top floor. We spent over three hours feeling amazed and privileged.

Especially when we sat down in the cafe of the gallery with views over Vilnius sliding into the darkness of the evening. Truly mesmerising (or was it the excellent white wine?!)…

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